SmartMan Payroll Outsourcing Service Features:
  1. Professional Payroll Calculation and Management: SmartMan possesses extensive experience in payroll calculation and management, providing accurate and efficient payroll calculation services. We also offer various reports tailored to customer needs, including detailed payroll statements, social insurance, labor insurance, income tax reports, and assistance with tax filings and related matters for businesses.
  2. Comprehensive Payroll Advisory Services: In addition to payroll calculation services, SmartMan has a professional payroll advisory team that assists customers in addressing payroll-related issues. This includes legal compliance, bonus systems, overtime pay calculations, retirement pension systems, and more, ensuring a comprehensive payroll management system for customers.
  3. Excellent Customer Service: SmartMan has a dedicated customer service team that provides timely and attentive customer support. We customize payroll management solutions based on customer needs, helping businesses enhance management efficiency and cost savings.
  4. Convenient System Operations: SmartMan's human resources and payroll system is user-friendly. Employee attendance data, leave requests, and more can be easily processed through the online system, making human resource management more convenient.
  5. SmartMan's payroll outsourcing service offers customers professional, comprehensive payroll management services, assisting businesses in establishing a robust payroll management system, enhancing management efficiency, and improving work quality.

Since its founding in 1999, SmartMan Software Ltd. has provided all many businesses with professional services. SmartMan Software focuses on customer oriented services and continues to build strong customer relationships with trust and responsibility.

Early on, SmartMan developed a payroll management program for the HP 3000. Shortly thereafter, SmartMan Software redesigned it into a Windows-based product and officially named it SmartMan.

In 2000, a new web-based spreadsheet system SmartFlow was created to meet the needs of a digital marketplace with paperless functionality.

SmartMan Software began to offer payroll outsourcing services in 2006.

SmartMan Software transformed and upgraded the consulting services to meet the diverse needs of an ever-changing market. Since it began aiding manufacturers with work involving payroll and attendance calculations for factory workers 24 years ago, SmartMan Software has accumulated a wealth of experience providing several businesses with professional consulting services.

SmartMan Software diligently keeps all enterprise software up to date to keep it in compliance with the latest government regulations. In addition to providing customized services, rental software, and payroll outsourcing services, SmartMan Software has successfully assisted many businesses in achieving their goals by providing critical analysis and advice from professional consultants.